Myrtle Beach
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Myrtle Beach
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Branson with a beach? Golfing Mecca? Shopping central for the South Eastern Seaboard? Romantic retreat? Nightlife Nirvana? Sportsman's paradise? The perfect spot for a family vacation? Myrtle Beach is all that and an order of fries.

Folks familiar with the Pavilion Amusement Park, or guys who virtually grew up at The Bowery when Alabama was the house band will find their old familiar spots still serving a swarm of happy travelers. But, with the addition of new nightlife options and the proliferation of golf courses, Myrtle Beach is doing the impossible: expanding without losing any of her special our-place-at-the-shore charm.

You'll also find a slew of upscale entertainment facilities, a wave of new restaurants, and a cluster of shopping options that are rapidly turning the Grand Strand into a year-round destination - not to mention the great hotels.

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